19 June, 2009


Wow, these last few weeks have just completely flown by.

The work aspect of training has started to pick up. We had a week long training session in Totonicapán. There, me and a few co-trainees gave our first class in front of 70 kids, completely in Spanish! That was a crazy experience. But definitely something to learn upon and afterwards I felt much more comfortable with the language and being in front of a class.

This tuesday I had myself weighed for the first time since I came here. I have lost 20 pounds! Change in diet, having to walk everywhere, being sick a few times. My clothes do not fit so well right now.

I'm real excited to find out my future site July 1st. That day I will find out my permanent site for the next two years!

As far as training, we have a leadership camp that we giving tomorrow (20/6) and then a teacher workshop in a few weeks. Some pretty exciting stuff!

The picture on top is from a cumplia├▒os we had this week. That is Pamela, she turned 8.

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