30 May, 2009

One month!

I have been in the Peace Corps for a whole month. In some ways, this month has gone by very fast and in others, very slow. Still, the experience has been largely very positive.

Right now the most difficult aspect is the lack of personal time that I have. Guatemalans expect all time to be spent together as a family and do not understand if someone wants any alone time. It is starting to get better though, as this afternoon I have been able to read, take a nap and just surf the internet for useless information (ahh, nothing greater!).

I'm very excited about being in classroom and feel less nervous every day about the language. Right now, I have no problems speaking and have had some great conversations, especially with my host mom. But sometimes it can be a little difficult to understand people, especially if they use a word that is uncommon.

I posted a picture of the black sand beach that the trainee group went to on the Pacific Ocean. How beautiful!

Love always,


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